Are Windows Updates That Important?

Are Windows Updates That Important?

I will start with this statement from Ervk Voelker “at a professional/enterprise level, the risks are too great to go unpatched.”

In reading a recent article on the pros and cons of Windows updates. There were a lot of statements made that we need to take a second look at.  The writer crafted an argument that stated: “They are not as important as other good computing practices”, such as downloading from trusted sources, good anti-virus and maintenance. Yes, all good practices, but are we ignoring the principal maintenance?

The minute you plugged your system into the internet, you will always be vulnerable to hackers and viruses. The question is: what are we doing to mitigate the risks?  We honestly don’t want to be vulnerable at all to security issues or viruses if we don’t have to be. One obvious tip is being careful while online to help reduce the risk of inadvertently downloading anything that might corrupt one’s PC.  Keeping anti-virus updated and scheduled scans are important, but security patches and updates are equally necessary. There are many open holes that the hackers and bot nets can take advantage of. There are many bot nets that no antivirus can detect and they can be installed as part of any software you download from internet.  These softwares take advantage of bugs in the Operating System not fixed yet.

Keeping your system updated will help keep it free of a variety of bad software.  Windows update uses multiple services and protocols to update your PC. These take up CPU, RAM and Network resources. Most modern PC’s are way over powered and are less than half utilized.  Updates do take a bit of time to download and install. However, the impact of this can be lessened by downloading patches while the computer is not used.  Also, installation can take place while the system is being used; however, you will see a decline in performance.

In summation, It is well worth the time to listen to your computers prompts for updates, than deal with the risks later. 

Article by: Robert D'Andrade, IT Specialist

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