Have You Been Spammed?

Have You Been Spammed?

Did you know that over 68% of emails today are classified as Spam? Most of these emails never reach your mailbox because they are filtered at a higher level based on rules defined by the industry. The filtering rules are very dynamic and adjust on a regular basis by security engineers based on the new and creative ways people develop to get around them.

Spam is not only an annoying thing to see in your inbox, but the danger that lurks in those emails may cost you a lot more than just the time it takes to delete them. Today's Spam is often disguised as legitimate email from a source you know and trust. This could be your bank, a package carrier or even a friend, relative, or co-worker. The viruses the email can contain often harvest your contact information from your email program. The virus will then use that list of email addresses to propagate the virus to othe r user's inboxes.

So the next time you see an email that you were not expecting, think twice before you open it or click on any link it may contain. The result could cost you lost time and maybe even monetary loss.

Submitted By: Kevin Taylor - IT

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