Playing FETCH at Clyde Campbell Elementary

Playing FETCH at Clyde Campbell Elementary

End of Grade testing (EOGs) may be over for the 5th graders at Clyde Campbell Elementary School but that doesn’t mean learning has to end. Employees of Martin Starnes and Associates, CPA’s, P.A. (MSA) recently led a game of FETCH! in several classes, including Ms. Ollis’ class. FETCH!, which stands for Financial Education Teaches Children Healthy Habits, is a game developed by The Ohio CPA Foundation and The Ohio Society of CPAs to teach children the importance of money management skills in a fun way.

The students were split into groups and moved a game piece around a board to simulate the various responsibilities of pet ownership.  They used a ledger to track their income and expenses related to owning a dog and learned about risk and reward such as the risk of allowing a dog to go without a registration tag and the reward of keeping a dog up-to-date on vaccinations. The game proved to be fun and educational for the students, and they quickly picked up on the idea of investing in their pet up front to prevent unexpected out-of-pocket costs later.

Today’s children are growing up in a digital world where the concept of money is becoming more and more abstract. Cash is no longer king, and debit and credit cards give the illusion that money is an unlimited resource. Therefore, it is becoming more important than ever to encourage financial responsibility for our youth and to have these conversations early and often. A study by the American Institute of CPAs found that there is a large gap between college students’ perceived financial knowledge and their actual ability.  Additionally, students aren’t asking for help.

FETCH! was created in 2010 and is offered for free through volunteers.  In its first five years of operation, FETCH! reached nearly 60,000 children in Ohio alone.  The program is now offered through the CPA societies of many other states, including The North Carolina Association of CPAs. 

If you are an educator and you are interested in a future FETCH! participation opportunity, please contact NCACPA members Sabrina Cook or Erica Brown at MSA for more information.


Source: FETCH! ® Financial Education Teaches Children Healthy Habits®           

The Ohio CPA Foundation and the Ohio Society of CPAs (OSCPA)


Article by: Sabrina Cook, Senior Tax Accountant

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