There's An App for That!

There's An App for That!

Everyone looks for ways to make their work life simpler and more efficient. One way we can do this is by use of applications "apps" for our smartphones and tablets. There are many apps available that meet different needs of accountants and business professionals. Here are a few apps to consider for making your work life better:

1. Dropbox
Dropbox is an app used for document sharing. When a document is saved to Dropbox on your desktop, then the document can be accessed, viewed and updated on another device using the same file-sharing app. The document can also be shared with other users through the same app. Business professionals should be careful of the type of documents being shared as well as the security of the data being shared through Dropbox or any other file sharing app.

2. Flipboard
Flipboard is app which collects news from various sources, based on the user's interests, and presents it in an easy to navigate format. This app could potentially condense the use of several different apps you are using to get news and information into one app. 

3. Evernote
 Evernote is an app allowing the user to store notes, pictures, tables and files in a digital notebook. This digital notebook can be shared with other users. The app could be used for meeting notes and collaboration on a job or project.

Many apps are available to meet user needs, and there are variations of the above mentioned apps as well. These are just a few popular apps that many accountants and business professionals have been using and telling others about. There are apps available for tracking expenses more efficiently for you and your clients, organizing travel information and plans, and even apps for scanning and signing documents. The next time you say to yourself, "There must be an easier way to do this," remember that there is probably an app for that. 

Article by: Cassie Wilson, Senior Audit Accountant

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