2017 Catawba County Summit Recap

2017 Catawba County Summit Recap

On Wednesday, March 22nd, the Catawba County Chamber of Commerce held the Future of Catawba County Summit.  The agenda of the half-day summit was filled with a plethora of information about the current state of Catawba County and what is to come in the future.  Each speaker shared a different perspective of the County’s growth and plans to move forward.  The event, was a great way to join community leaders, politicians, educators, and business professionals.  The room was full of optimism as leaders looked toward strategic ways to increase economic and social development within our region. 


Dr. Garrett Hinshaw, President of Catawba Valley Community College (CVCC), presented one of the biggest initiatives, K-64.  This initiative focuses on impacting the local schools through equipping each student with what will be needed in order to be successful in future careers.  This is accomplished by employer engagement, character development, training through technology, as well as the access to technology, for all students and lastly, work-based learning opportunities.  Through the K-64 initiative, Catawba County is hoping to address the continual decline of the working-age population in the community and create future-minded growth opportunities that will drive competitive economic development going forward.  As a part of the summit, the initiative was signed into place by each local school system, the Catawba County Chamber, Catawba County, Catawba County Economic Development Corporation (EDC), and CVCC.


The community leaders understand the current state of the community and are coming together to generate change.  In order to bring awareness, the County needs to find new ways to retain the younger generations and continue to work on economic development.  The morning provided insight and ideas of how these processes are beginning to come together and how every single person in this community can play a part in order to make Catawba County and the surrounding area a highly productive economic area.

Article by: Amanda L. Holland, Staff Accountant

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