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Understanding Clean Vehicle Credits

The IRS has released new guidelines under the Inflation Reduction Act regarding tax credits for clean vehicles. If you purchase a new environmentally friendly vehicle, you could be eligible for a credit up to $7,500. For used clean vehicles, the credit can go up to $4,000, provided the vehicle costs no more than $25,000. However, […]

What to Do When You Receive Mail from the IRS

Receiving mail from the IRS can often be unsettling. However, understanding how to properly respond can make the process much smoother and less daunting. It is important for taxpayers to carefully read and understand the contents of any correspondence from the IRS. Typically, these letters or notices are related to a federal tax return or […]

GFOA Spring Conference

Martin Starnes & Associates is pleased to share highlights from the recent Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) Spring Conference, held in March at the Benton Convention Center in Winston-Salem, NC. We proudly supported the event as a silver sponsor, underscoring our commitment to the public sector and finance community. Our Senior Manager, Ko Tang Cha-Moses, […]

Tax Extensions: Understanding Your Obligations and Avoiding Penalties

Deadlines: Navigating the Extension Timeline   As the tax deadline approaches and your financial documents are not ready, we can secure a tax extension for you, providing extra time to file your return with precision. An extension moves your filing deadline to October 15th, giving you the opportunity to collect all necessary information and perfect […]

Why You Should Collect Your Tax Documents Promptly

Once we notify you that your tax returns are prepared, it is key to act swiftly. Delaying the collection of your tax documents can lead to various complications, from missed payment deadlines to inaccuracies in your financial records. Here are the reasons why picking up your taxes from our firm as soon as they are […]

IRS Payments and Refunds

Refunds, Payments, and the IRS2Go App As tax season rolls around, understanding how to navigate the process can significantly reduce stress and ensure you meet your obligations with ease. Whether you are eagerly anticipating a refund, need to make a payment, or want to stay updated on the go, the IRS provides comprehensive resources to […]

Corporations, LLCs & Partnerships: Deadline Approaching

North Carolina Annual Reporting As part of our ongoing commitment to keep you informed about critical compliance deadlines, we remind you of the upcoming Annual Reporting deadline for businesses registered in North Carolina. This requirement is separate from the income tax filing process and is not a service provided by our firm. North Carolina Annual Report Overview The […]

Vital Reminder

As we navigate through the complexities of tax preparation season, it is crucial to ensure that your personal and banking information is up to date with our office. Accurate details, including addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and especially bank account and routing numbers, are essential for seamless communication and transactions. An oversight in updating this […]

What Are You Signing?

When engaging with our services, there are three main forms you will encounter: the Engagement Letter, the Individual Consent Form, and IRS Form 8879. These documents are essential for ensuring a smooth and compliant process for your tax preparation needs. Engagement Letter The engagement letter outlines the agreement between Martin Starnes & Associates CPAs, P.A. […]

No Need to Worry: Understanding Tax Extensions

When your accountant decides to file an extension for your taxes, it is often a strategic move to ensure that your financial affairs are in optimal order. This extra time allows your accountant to thoroughly review your financial documents, seek out additional deductions, and ensure accuracy in your tax return. An extension also provides a […]