For many individuals and businesses, the end of the year typically brings with it thoughts of charitable contributions and tax planning. Art, often a valuable asset, sometimes becomes the focus of donation considerations. However, there is a growing need to be vigilant about scams related to art donations and the potential pitfalls of improper deduction claims.

Recent warnings suggest that taxpayers should be wary of misleading art donation deduction promotions. These promotions might promise substantial tax deductions in exchange for donations of artworks to charitable organizations. However, the catch is that they often inflate the value of the donated art, leading to larger-than-allowed deductions. Such overvaluations can attract unwanted attention and result in potential penalties. Common red flags include deductions that seem too good to be true, organizations with little to no online presence or history, and pressure to act quickly due to a “limited-time” deduction opportunity.

As we approach the year’s end and the prime time for tax planning, it is essential to tread carefully. Ensure you understand the true value of the art piece, verify the legitimacy of the receiving charity, and always consult with one of our trusted tax advisors before making any donation-related decisions. Remember, tax planning is crucial, but staying informed and avoiding potential pitfalls is paramount.

Sources: IRS Newsroom and Accounting Today