Changes to the North Carolina Annual Report Filing Process

The North Carolina Annual Reports filing process has changed effective January 1, 2018. The State of North Carolina now requires that all reports be filed directly with the Secretary of State. The annual reports can no longer be a part of the income tax filing process. 

Annual reports are due no later than the 15th day of the fourth month following year-end. If your business operates on a calendar year-end, the annual report is due April 15, 2018. All Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) must be filed by April 15, 2018 regardless of year-end.

Annual reports may be downloaded from the Secretary of State website and mailed with payment, or electronically filed with online payment. Credit cards, electronic checks, or ACH payments are acceptable. The cost for filing an annual report for a corporation is $20; however if a paper form is required, the fee is $25. The cost for LLCs is $202; however, if a paper form is required, the fee is $200. 

If you have questions or require additional assistance, please contact a professional at our office.

Please follow this link to file your NC annual report