What Are You Signing?

When engaging with our services, there are three main forms you will encounter: the Engagement Letter, the Individual Consent Form, and IRS Form 8879. These documents are essential for ensuring a smooth and compliant process for your tax preparation needs.

Engagement Letter

The engagement letter outlines the agreement between Martin Starnes & Associates CPAs, P.A. and the client for the preparation of the client’s tax returns. It sets the expectations for both parties involved, highlighting that the client is responsible for providing all necessary information for accurate tax return preparation, the possibility of extending the filing date, if complete information is not received by a certain deadline, and clarifies that the scope of work may include additional accounting or research services, which would incur extra charges. It emphasizes the client’s responsibility to review and approve the returns before submission and outlines the firm’s and client’s responsibilities to verify the accuracy and compliance of the tax filings.

Some engagement letters have been sent to clients to sign electronically through the secure platform, SafeSend Exchange. This method has a quicker turnaround and helps maintain the security of sensitive information. Clients are encouraged to look for these electronic communications and follow the instructions provided to complete their document signings.

Individual Consent Form 

This consent form is a document that allows Martin Starnes & Associates CPAs, P.A. to use the client’s tax return information for specific non-tax preparation purposes, primarily distributing marketing materials like newsletters. Clients give consent for the firm to use their tax information for sending newsletters, press releases, seminar invites, and other business-related services. Signing this form is voluntary and not a requirement for receiving tax preparation services. It is a safeguard for client privacy, ensuring their tax information is used transparently and with their permission for the firm’s marketing activities.


Lastly, the Form 8879 is the e-file signature authorization form. It is a document that taxpayers use to approve the electronic filing of their tax returns by an authorized e-file provider. By signing Form 8879, you are giving Martin Starnes & Associates CPAs, P.A. permission to file your return electronically and verifying that the information on your return is accurate to the best of your knowledge. This form is a critical step in the e-filing process, confirming that taxpayers review their returns and consent to the submission of their tax information electronically. It streamlines the filing process and represents your agreement with the return’s contents before it is submitted to the IRS.

If you have any questions about these forms or any part of our services, please do not hesitate to contact us. We strive to make your experience as clear and straightforward as possible.